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What is Site Selection ?

Site Selection is the process of choosing the optimal location for a business based on accessibility to, and availability of customers, as well as considerations as to space, costs, size, and other physical characteristics, zoning regulations, investment tax credits, and the quality of the available workforce.

MAXIMUS: Site Selection

MAXIMUS is comprised of Economic Development, Real Estate, Site Selection and Legal professionals who consistently deliver optimum results.

MAXIMUS performs national site searches for expanding and relocating companies with an emphasis on Location Optimization.

Our Location Intelligence team combines location-based data with business intelligence to gain comparable market insight driving better location decisions; optimizing all applicable incentives.

What are Tax Incentives ?

Typically, tax incentives revolve around the reduction, exclusion, or exemption from a tax liability, offered as an enticement to engage in a specified activity (such as relocation of a business, or an investment in capital goods) for a certain period of time.

MAXIMUS: Tax Incentives

MAXIMUS minimizes corporate tax liabilities and offsets capital costs associated with new, expanding or relocating business operations.

MAXIMUS captures State & Local incentives:


How do you start the process for a site selection/tax incentives review?

An initial meeting with you will enable MAXIMUS to explore the broad strategy of your business move or expansion. Once we have that information, MAXIMUS will make a general recommendation regarding next steps. Typically, we enter an engagement that is primarily contingency based on incentives gained through our efforts.


Recently, the MAXIMUS Location Optimization Group worked to successfully secure over $675,000 in tax incentives for client, TAPCO-ENPRO.

MAXIMUS was contracted to identify, analyze and deliver applicable state and local business incentives for the project. Various states and communities were of initial interest. In the end, a South Texas site was identified as the optimal location.

Click Here: State of Texas Governor’s Office Press Release


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