State and Local Tax (SALT) Solutions

With over 2,500 audits completed, millions of dollars in recoveries and savings for clients and still millions more in secured incentives, SALT is what MAXIMUSalliance does, it’s who we are.  SALT laws differ by state, county (or parish) and city and they change. MAXIMUSalliance assists clients on a nationwide basis and monitors proposed and recently passed legislation to properly advise clients on issues pertinent to their business.  

Whether you have a single SALT question, such as the taxability of a specific purchase or sale, or face a series of complicated issues involving multi-state transactions for numerous business units, MAXIMUSalliance delivers customized, cost-effective solutions to ensure you remain in compliance with SALT regulations and minimize your effective tax rate. A company can save thousands (in some cases, millions) of dollars by utilizing the services of a trusted SALT advisor who understands

  • licensing, permitting and reporting requirements of the jurisdictions in which it conducts business 
  • the state and local taxability (or non-taxability) of its purchases and sales
  • whether it may be entitled to refunds of overpaid SALT
  • the SALT implications of its past, present or future acquisition, sale or merger activities 
  • legally and strategically positioning its business activities to minimize its SALT liabilities
  • effective defense and management of a SALT audit
  • avoidance of penalties and/or interest on under-reported or unreported SALT liabilities

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Licensing & Permitting

MAXIMUSalliance provides a full complement of services to assist companies with the various types of licenses and permits required by city, county and state jurisdictions. Whether you’re starting a new business or purchasing, relocating, expanding or consolidating an existing company, we will: 

  • Help you identify which licenses and permits are required
  • Guide you step-by-step through the entire licensing and permitting process, serving as your representative on all state and local levels
  • Help you avoid licensing/permitting errors that could lead to costly delays for your company

Compliance Management

Companies (especially those operating multiple divisions and/or in multiple states) devote significant internal resources to keeping up with SALT reporting, payments and correct documentation for tax exempt customers. Fulfilling these obligations is often difficult and costly, especially for companies who don’t employ personnel well versed in multi-jurisdictional state tax law.

MAXIMUSalliance professionals are dedicated to helping companies maintain their focus where it matters most – on THEIR core competencies. MAXIMUSalliance can handle your company’s SALT compliance needs from start to finish, regardless of whether your company reports taxes in one jurisdiction or one hundred. In addition, MAXIMUSalliance will work with you to develop an organized library of your customers’ tax-exempt forms, making sure you have up-to-date, correct information that limits your exposure in the event of an audit.

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Audit Defense

Many of our clients were initially referred to us while in the midst of a state tax audit. Even though these audits can be fairly routine (especially for companies operating in many different states), engaging the expert representation provided by MAXIMUSalliance professionals often results in significant reductions in tax assessments. It is not uncommon for these reductions to add up to millions of dollars saved.

Because many of our professionals are former state auditors, we are well-versed in audit procedures and understand auditor responsibilities. Our knowledge and familiarity with pertinent law and your individualized business situation facilitate fairer assessments and refunds you may be due.

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Managed Audit

The majority of states have enacted Managed Audit Programs which provide a less disruptive and less expensive option than the more common audits which are conducted by state/local personnel.  These programs also enable companies to play an active role in the audit by performing some, or all, of the audit functions.

MAXIMUSalliance professionals use their considerable state audit expertise to guide you through the Managed Audit process, providing the greatest benefit to your company. For companies that qualify for a Managed Audit, MAXIMUSalliance can lead the audit with guidance and expert direction that comes from years of experience. Conducting a Managed Audit is a PROACTIVE approach – and allowing MAXIMUSalliance professionals to represent your best interests insures that you only pay your fair share.

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Reverse/Recovery Audit

Overpayments, overcharges and contract non-compliance can seriously damage a company’s profitability and efficiency over time. Companies routinely overlook the Accounts Payable department when seeking to improve internal efficiencies because it is not a profit center and the process of paying bills is often mistaken as a more simplistic task than it actually is. The result is that few resources are devoted to these areas, even as the complexity of the transactions continues to increase.

MAXIMUSalliance’s Recovery Audit professionals examine your Accounts Payable system and records in detail to find duplicate and erroneous payments to vendors, state and local tax overpayments and losses resulting from identity theft or fraud. MAXIMUSalliance then recovers this money for your company and provides recommendations that will minimize these errors in the future. Our thorough audits have resulted in recoveries of millions of dollars for clients.

If your company has recently undergone an accounting system (or ERP) conversion, been involved with a merger or acquisition, reduced your workforce or outsourced your payables, or expanded into new markets or locations, the time may be right for a Recovery Audit.

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Surveys reflect that State & Local Taxes (SALT) singularly account for over 70% of the average company’s annual tax obligations, with sales/use and property taxes together representing the vast majority of the tax burden. MAXIMUSalliance’s SALT professionals work alongside our clients’ personnel to mitigate this effect, making practical and profitable recommendations on business decisions of all types, while ensuring that your company’s state and local tax collection, reporting, and payment processes are efficient and correct.

Our SALT Advisory Services include the following:

  • Taxability rulings for specific activities, purchases and sales.
  • Certificates of no tax due.
  • Nexus studies.
  • Voluntary Disclosure and Amnesty Agreements.
  • Review proposed CAPEX decisions to minimize exposure.
  • Tax impact analysis to reduce overall effective tax rate.
  • Due diligence to support corporate finance transactions – mergers and acquisitions.

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