Strategic Partner Services

MAXIMUSalliance has partnered with industry leading organizations that provide complementary cost-saving services in an effort to provide companywide cost saving solutions for our clients. Working in concert with these companies, we tailor custom solutions that fit most business models and address issues resulting in potential savings totaling hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

Cost Segregation

Commercial facilities are usually depreciated over 39 years. In total, 25-35% of the cost of every commercial facility has property that by law should be depreciated over 5, 7 or 15 years, rather than 39 years. Cost segregation identifies and segregates the 5, 7 and 15 year property from the 39 year property. Add in additional tax benefits stemming from Section 179 deductions, bonus depreciation, etc. and the tax savings can be substantial.

MAXIMUSalliance's cost segregation partner is widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading experts. Their unique combination of construction engineers, state and federal tax professionals and accounting experts facilitates greater financial benefits to clients. They employ specialized engineering expertise which meets the rigorous standards of the IRS and enables them to thoroughly dissect construction cost data and prepare estimates based on the blueprints and an on-site visit. The result – substantial tax savings to clients.

Fraud Detection

Most employees and vendors are generally trustworthy. But, if they weren’t, how would you know and when would you find out? Unfortunately, too many employers discover the problem only after it’s too late.

Rarely does a day go by without some mention in the media of yet another fraud scheme that’s been discovered. And while these stories typically focus on high profile individuals who defrauded millions, even billions of dollars, it doesn’t take that kind of fraud to wreck a company. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that 5% of all revenue is lost to occupational fraud ever year. That 5% translates into over $1 trillion dollars annually in employee and vendor theft.

While fraud is not 100% preventable, there are cost effective steps you can take to prevent and detect fraud on an ongoing basis. A fraud detection analysis is an effective and efficient way to pinpoint weaknesses that otherwise go unnoticed. MAXIMUSalliance's fraud detection partner is a published leader in the fraud detection industry and works closely with a couple of the most respected and recognized Certified Fraud Examiners in the country. On behalf of clients, they have identified more than $50 million in fraud.    

As our former President Ronald Reagan famously said, “Trust, but verify.”

Freight & Supply Chain

With several decades of collective “inside” experience in all facets of the transportation industry, MAXIMUSalliance's freight and supply chain partner helps clients improve their logistics programs and reduce overall transportation costs. They specialize in small package, air, ground, LTL and international shipments and have successfully reduced costs for over 97% of clients while working alongside the logistics personnel already in place.  

The focus on supply chain centers on Transportation, Inventory and Warehousing. Our partner is not a 3PL company, but provides innovative solutions to clients while working with existing carriers and systems already in place. The benefits come from non-invasive processes - namely identifying exactly the type and amount of discounts for which a client qualifies and providing on-site assistance during the negotiation process to ensure that all pertinent discounts are received and service levels maintained.

Property Tax

MAXIMUSalliance's property tax partner is approaching its 25th anniversary as one of the leading property tax firms in the nation. They provide a wide range of services to minimize a company’s property tax liabilities, maximize its property tax savings, and efficiently organize all of its property tax matters.

Combining expertise in both Commercial Real Estate and Business Personal Property, their professionals utilize extensive market knowledge and a network of solid relationships with taxing jurisdictions to consistently achieve property tax reductions, facilitating significant returns for clients.

Real Estate/Lease

Real estate is often a significant expense for a company and given the complexities inherent in today’s leases, errors are common. Because it is the tenant’s burden to locate the errors, they are usually “ignored” by landlords or management companies. Industry experts estimate tenants are being overcharged in 7 out of every 10 leases in force today. Of these errors, it would be interesting to know how many are never recovered by the tenants.    

Over the last decade and a half, MAXIMUSalliance's real estate/lease partner has identified and recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients, while also reducing their future costs as well. These recoveries stem from a multitude of errors including landlord management fees, base year, office space measurement and drafting. In addition to recovering tens of millions in dollars for clients, these services ensure that the leases comply with the agreements negotiated on a prospective basis. Pricing is flexible and can be arranged on a contingency, fixed fee or hourly basis.


Approximately 80% of all telecom invoices contain billing errors. Add in vendor loyalty (which causes noncompetitive pricing) and unpublicized vendor offers and companies who are not regularly auditing their telecommunications bills are, in a word, overpaying.     

MAXIMUSalliance's telecommunications partner uses a system of analytic tools and software to deconstruct each local, long distance, data and cellular bill and reassemble them according to tariffs and contracted pricing. Each audit entails three steps designed to identify credits, eliminate waste and maximize services. In return, clients receive refunds of overpaid items, the lowest cost plan and a complete inventory of all lines, circuits and features. The result? Their average telecom audit yields a 34% reduction in cost for clients.


MAXIMUSalliance's utilities’ partner has over 25 years of broad range energy-use reduction experience helping diverse industries significantly cut their energy operating costs. The savings comes from services and products that reduce utility demand, consumption and related costs for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. These services/products include  

While MAXIMUSalliance's partner provides comprehensive utility audit services spanning supply- and demand-side, to data and management services, our clients typically pursue Level I, II and III ASHRAE energy studies (audits), energy and lighting surveys/data collection, photometric analyses and predominant use studies because of the immediate savings realized. Internal rates of return for our partner’s utility audits average 10% with some measures reaching 20% IRR with a 1-5 year simple payback.


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