Location Optimization and Business Incentives

Expansions, relocations, mergers/acquisitions and real estate leases up for re-negotiation all provide opportunities for companies to determine both the impact of location on their business and whether they qualify for city/county/state government benefits and incentives. Most businesses are not aware of how many tax credits, reductions, exemptions, refunds, grants, and awards they may be eligible to collect as a result of a business change.

MAXIMUSalliance’s Location Optimization and Business Incentives professionals work to ensure that your business does not miss any opportunities. We use sophisticated workforce and location modeling / analysis to identify with you which cities (and local areas) are best-suited to attract and retain the types of employees you need. Concurrently, we work with state and local governments to discover what types of incentives are available to offset your company’s capital costs. Our negotiated packages can include all of the following types of activity:

  • Expansion or upgrade of an existing facility
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Consolidation/closure/disposition
  • New facilities
  • Relocation of an existing facility
  • Employee training or retraining
  • Seed capital for new or expanding businesses

Our full-service consulting package also includes the following services:

  • Site Selection
  • Incentives Consulting
  • Governmental Relations

(These services are offered on an a la carte basis as well. See the descriptions below for more information)

MAXIMUSalliance also provides solutions for communities looking to enhance their profile as preferred relocation options and for governments seeking support for strategic initiatives.

Site Selection

MAXIMUSalliance works with you and your real estate department to ensure that the appropriate benchmarking is met in an effort to assist you on not only where to grow your business, but how to grow your business.

If your company is considering an expansion or relocation, you no doubt have a myriad of concerns that need to be addressed as part of your site search. Composition of the local workforce, logistics considerations for shipment of components and finished products, local wage information and quality of life are all factors that can play a critical role in your business and final selection. Evaluating all of these characteristics can often prove overwhelming and time-consuming.
MAXIMUSalliance Site Selection Professionals have years of experience leading national site searches for expanding or relocating companies. Our Location Optimization program transforms clients’ “wish list” criteria into characteristics that are thoroughly researched, analyzed and compared to provide a comprehensive profile of each potential location, its workforce and its “other options” strengths. The local market intelligence our personnel gather provides relevant data about each potential site and its surroundings to make the final decision far less daunting for you and your company.

Business Incentives Consulting

MAXIMUSalliance Incentives Professionals help you identify which tax credits, abatements, financing and infrastructure assistance services are available to your company. Time and again, our people have uncovered money for clients to significantly offset the capital costs of a new facility and new equipment. To achieve these results, we work with your company on the following:

Assessment -- MAXIMUSalliance will assist your company in evaluating available tax credits, abatements, financing, infrastructure assistance services and other incentives in potential locations on a program-by-program and comparative basis. Our professionals will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the available incentives in relation to the overall business cost structures in each location.

Strategy and Negotiation -- MAXIMUSalliance professionals will work with you to develop, structure, and finalize your incentives deal. We deploy innovative strategies along with time-tested RFP and negotiation processes that are designed to make sure your company leaves no money on the table and achieves the most advantageous result.

The following are just some of the statutory and non-statutory incentives MAXIMUSalliance professionals have helped clients receive:

  • Empowerment Zones / Renewal Communities / Enterprise Zones
  • Tax Abatements and Tax Credits
  • Tax Rebates and Tax Exemptions
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • Other Federal Hiring Credits
  • Temporary Facilities
  • Job Training Credits
  • Cash and Real Estate Grants
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Utility Rate Concessions
  • Employee Relocation Assistance
  • Competition Restrictions
  • Recruiting, Screening, Training Assistance
  • Fast-Track Permitting

MAXIMUSalliance incentives case study -- Encana Oil & Gas USA

MAXIMUSalliance incentives case study -- Tapo Enpro International, Inc.

Government Relations

Because business incentives are administered by government agencies at all levels, a critically important facet of every location optimization project is your company's relationship with these government agencies. Having a seasoned professional guiding you as you navigate this process (before, during and after the incentives are awarded) allows you to work efficiently with city, state, and federal government, and take advantage of every available opportunity.

Legislative Support -- MAXIMUSalliance professionals will assess your project and goals to determine legislative needs for your business on the federal, state and local levels.

Documentation -- MAXIMUSalliance will provide you with detailed documentation to ensure your company’s benefits and responsibilities are consistent with the agreements made when the incentives deal was negotiated and structured.

Post-Deal Administration, Audit and Compliance -- MAXIMUSalliance will assist your company in administering and maintaining ongoing compliance and incentive commitments.

Renegotiation and Restructuring -- MAXIMUSalliance will regularly assess with you what (if any) amendments must be made to existing structures to ensure the right fit for your company in the current business environment.

Strategic Asset Marketing and Economic Development Consulting

MAXIMUSalliance professionals regularly work with communities seeking to position themselves or specific pieces of their real estate for planned, strategic development. Our research and analysis on behalf of our clients gives us a unique perspective on the way in which communities are perceived in the marketplace, and how that perception can be changed to attract employers in specific industries.

Our professionals complete customized workforce analyses as well as detailed reports on your community/asset’s competitiveness in the market, ability to retain current employers, attractiveness to specific industries and other measures. We then work with you to strengthen your current position or re-position your community/asset via marketing, economic incentive development and other evaluations/certifications of the community, workforce, and site in question.

MAXIMUSalliance professionals have led successful Asset Disposition and Economic Development initiatives nationwide. Let us help you market your positive attributes to achieve the most profitable result.


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