1. Why MAXIMUSalliance?

    Business and financial consulting, and cost recovery services are not commodities; they are a reflection of the people and technology at work.

    MAXIMUSalliance has an outstanding reputation, solid experience and knowledge and a collective commitment to deliver the highest level of business and financial intelligence, and recovery audit services. Our software systems are proprietary, powerful and flexible.

    We deliver greater value near-term because we conduct more thorough reviews and audits resulting in reduced costs, incentives capture, and larger recoveries for you.

    MAXIMUSalliance utilizes the results of our assessment and audit to design custom recommendations for you resulting in increased profitability and improved productivity long-term.

  2. Will you require a lot of our staff’s time or disrupt our business or vendor/customer relationships?

    No. We require only minimal time from a few select personnel. There will be no disruption to your business as we work in a seamless and independent manner. We know that the maintenance of good customer and vendor relationships is crucial to your continued success. We work with all parties in a friendly, respectable and professional manner.

  3. How long is the process?

    Although we are not able to control governmental agencies, we endeavor to provide all services within reasonable time parameters approved by you.

  4. How will we know what progress you’re making?

    We provide real-time status reports via our client log-in on the MAXIMUSalliance website.

  5. What if we want something excluded from your services?

    Simply communicate the issue area, customer, etc. to us before we start your service.  We attach any exclusions to our engagement agreement and match that to the scope of services provided to you.

  6. Should a recovery audit include a manual review?

    Yes, if you desire a comprehensive audit. Today’s accounting systems are designed to prevent and/or catch the most common types of overpayments. As a result, a large percentage of overpayments recovered in trade/expense audits today are best identified using manual audit techniques.

  7. Can your services be provided off-site?

    In most cases, yes.  If your source documentation is scanned, we can perform most services off-site by accessing your information remotely. If it is not scanned, you may ship your documents to us. We maintain secure facilities where we store and review your information.

  8. What should I expect to pay for your services?

    MAXIMUSalliance delivers exceptional value for its services. Pricing is dependent on the actual service delivered and many MAXIMUSalliance services are provided on a contingency basis to minimize or eliminate risk and out-of-pocket expense to you.

  9. How do we start the process for a tax/location incentives review?

    An initial meeting with you will enable us to explore the broad strategy of your business move/expansion.  Once we have that information, MAXIMUSalliance will make a general recommendation regarding next steps.  Typically, we enter an engagement that is primarily contingency based on incentives gained through our efforts.

  10. We have a general business/marketing strategy; how can MAXIMUSalliance help us in this area?

    We work with existing strategies to better understand your overall business objectives; we then review them for financial opportunities; ex:  unrealized tax incentives available to you on a per location basis, re-categorizing certain aspects of business to capture additional tax savings; review of a potential acquisition for location and general tax implications.

  11. Can you help us identify capital for transactions?

    We have a corporate finance team that reviews potential client transactions for possible capital formation solutions – this can include: debt, equity, and/or public finance.  MAXIMUSalliance will advise you accordingly.


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